Unshaven FUE Transplant

The Unshaven FUE Transplant is a further development of the traditional FUE. A modified scalpel enables hair to be removed without having to shave the affected region, therefore allowing the hairline to be restored through an efficient, and  minimally invasive procedure.

Unshaven FUE (u-FUE) is an alternative to traditional FUE, causing less distress to patients due to the fact that it is minimally invasive.

As the name suggests, the main difference is that it is not necessary to previously shave the affected region prior to treatment, which also allows us to better observe the natural alignment of the patient’s hairline.

As in traditional FUE, grafts are extracted individually from a donor area (usually back or sides of the head). It is important to note that u-FUE is a more delicate procedure, which requires a highly qualified and experienced professional to select the healthiest grafts and ensure that they are correctly implanted.