Stem Cell Therapy

RIGENERA is a state-of-the-art regenerative procedure using stem cells taken from the patient. It stimulates growth and strengthens hair which has deteriorated due to hereditary factors, countering the effects of alopecia.

Patients are administered a local anaesthetic and follicles are extracted and forwarded to the specialist unit, who will take up to 4 minutes to obtain the stem cells.

Similarly to mesotherapy, micro-injections containing these cells will then be applied to the affected area on the scalp.

The main advantage of this treatment is that there is an abundant availability of healthy follicles for the surgeon to choose from.

It is a straightforward and painless procedure, used to counter the effects of diffused and androgenetic alopecia.

Our specialists will be happy to offer a complimentary report, assessing whether this is the best option for each individual case.

RIGENERA is especially indicated to counter the effects of diffused alopecia, stimulating regeneration and improving the quality of your hair. It can also be an additional treatment combined with implants.