Profile Correction

The facial profile – that is the size and shape of the forehead, the nose and the chin is largely determined by the bone structure of the skull. A comprehensive analysis of all these structures and their proportions to each other enables us to design a personalised treatment. At the Marigan Clinic we are specialised in the correction of complex profile and facial deformities as well as the malposition of the jaw. We offer the following surgical procedures:

Nose surgery

Reduction or reshaping of the nose, the tip, root of the nose, straightening of nose cartilage.

Correction of the chin

Repositioning the chin and reshaping the tip of the chin (reduction, enlargement).

Dysgnathic surgery

Repositioning (corrective osteotomy) of the upper and lower jaw.

Liposuction neck and chin

Liposuction of the chin and neck, if desired with a tightening of the area. Please see Facelift.