Professional Teeth Cleaning

Dental hygiene is essential in order to preserve our teeth and gums. The two main diseases which affect these, caries and periondititis, are caused by bacteria. 

In the long run,  simply brushing your teeth is not enough.  Even the best hygiene at home cannot prevent plaque or tartar, which will in turn give rise to caries and periondititis. It is therefore recommended to regularly have your teeth cleaned by a professional.

This procedure aims to thoroughly remove tartar in order to greatly reduce harmful bacteria, thus preventing caries and periondititis. It also helps to prevent the development of more serious conditions, which would require unpleasant and costly surgical procedures. Hard and soft tartar will be completely removed and we will also counsel you on your daily care. Teeth will then be polished in order to prevent the formation of  new plaque and tartar.

You will then have beautiful, shiny,and spotlessly clean teeth.

In most cases, professional cleaning is recommended at least twice a year. However, this may be more frequent if the condition of the teeth and gums is deteriorated.

We especially recommend regular cleaning on patients with implants or support structures.

At Marigan Clinic, we carry out manual (root scaling) and ultrasonic (vector)  cleaning of the gums.