Periodontology (treatment of gum disease)

Besides tooth decay, gum disease – or periodontitis – are the most frequent causes of tooth loss. Both diseases are caused by bacteria-infested plaque. Poor oral hygiene, especially in patients with misaligned teeth and inadequate crowns and fillings, aggravate diseases of the gums.

For the treatment of gum disease and diseases of the periodontium (gingivitis, periodontitis, we provide traditional, approved methods as well as state-of-the-art ultrasonic, microinvasive methods (vector).

At the Marigan Clinic, we consider periodontology to be the central link between surgical, conservative and prosthetic measures. The complex interaction between contributing factors to a particular problem requires interdisciplinary diagnosis and therapy. The Marigan Clinic provides all treatment methods under one roof and under one management. Our specially developed automated callback system offers our patients lasting therapy success.