Micro-pigmentation is a procedure where pigments are injected into the scalp in order to improve the appearance of patients with alopecia.

It is an affordable treatment, done at epidermic level, using a similar method to micro-pigmentation of eyebrows or other regions. The aim is to give patients the appearance of having a shaved head, as opposed to a shiny bald one.

It is a similar sensation to being tattooed, and also a painless procedure which even the most sensitive people are able to endure. However, it is a little uncomfortable since pigments are mechanically introduced into the scalp through micro-sized needles.

Although it will not completely cover up scars, this treatment does help to conceal marks on the skin. Pigments are injected to a depth  approximately between 0,25 to 1,75 mm, meaning that severe scars will not be fully concealed, but will be less noticeable.