Liposuction Neck and Chin

A sophisticated technique in liposuction enables fat deposits in the neck area to be removed from most people at low risk and almost always with lasting results.

It is especially important to use super fine tubes so as to achieve a smooth skin and prevent unevenness in later years. In this way, lymphatic vessels and blood vessels can be treated gently and the formation of small dents can be prevented.

At the Marigan Clinic we provide the following methods for liposuction in the neck and facial area:

For younger people under 40 years old with greater skin elasticity, usually all that is needed is liposuction of the neck area.  For older people with reduced skin elasticity, a combination of a neck lift, liposuction and platysmaplasty will achieve the desired result.

For a minor cosmetic correction, liposuction below the chin is usually all that is needed without having to treat the entire neck area.

At the Marigan Clinic you have the possibility to combine the reduction of a double chin with a facelift or a chin correction.  Please see “facelift” and “profile correction”.