LED Laser Therapy

Researchers in the USA discovered some years ago that LED lighting prevented hair loss and also boosted growth. This is a relatively new procedure called Laser Photo Therapy.

It is done by exposing the affected area to LED light emissions, which penetrate through the skin, without any pain or side-effects, regenerating cells and improving the condition of the patient’s hair.

This treatment is recommended for patients who have lost hair due to illness, medication, or hereditary conditions. It also helps to improve results when applied after implant surgery.

The main advantage is a significant improvement of blood circulation in the scalp, which stimulates growth and prevents thinning and hair loss. It also helps to eliminate toxins which may be harmful to hair follicles.

Another important factor is that it stops the generation of DHT (dihydrotestosterone),  one of the main causes of hair loss. As a result, hair becomes stronger and more resistant, and the general condition of the scalp is greatly improved.

Results can be verified in the first few weeks of treatment, when patients will be able to observe that their hair becomes stronger and loss is greatly reduced.

Our apparatus comply with all current safety regulations and their use will guarantee a decline in thinning and loss of hair.

This state-of-the-art laser technology will enable you to have the look you have always wanted.