Implantology, Oral Surgery

The Marigan Clinic provides complete implant and prosthetic procedures under one roof. Naturally, we also provide the entire array of classic oral surgery. This includes, for example, root tip resections for inflamed gums, the surgical removal of wisdom teeth or surgical periodontal procedures.


When it comes to perfect performance and aesthetics, dental implants provide unrivalled advantages over crowns. They protect the surrounding teeth from damage, as no healthy tooth needs grinding to serve as pillar. Furthermore, they remain stable as they do not need to replace the function of a lost tooth.

The most important advantage of implants is that the jawbone in which your teeth are anchored will not be compromised. When pressure from chewing is transferred to the jaw, the bone will be rebuilt by the natural motion. If this motion is no longer natural due to tooth loss, bridgework or prosthesis, the bone gradually retracts, just as in periodontitis – but without the inflammation.

Based on years of experience, the Marigan Clinic uses exclusive top-quality titanium implants. A thorough analysis of the interaction of your teeth, muscles and anatomy (functional diagnostics) guarantees long lasting teeth. Radiological and clinical examinations of the bone structure are absolutely necessary prior to inserting the implants.

After detailed examination of all the options, we can provide our clients with an extensive quotation for the different treatments.