FUE Hair Implants

FUE Hair Implant is a minimally invasive outpatient surgical procedure where the hair follicles are extracted individually, without needing to take a strip from the scalp. This is an advanced technique which enables us to treat smaller and medium-sized regions. One of the advantages is that there is virtually no scarring since there is are no incisions

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is characterised by the way in which the hair units are extracted by using a special tool (punch). It is highly recommended on patients with short hair, as there is no scarring.

Extraction requires a great deal of precision from the surgeon, who should use magnification to ascertain the angle of the implant in order to be able to  follow its path.

It is imperative for the surgeon to decide if FUE is the most appropriate treatment for each individual patient.  To have the desired effect, the tension attaching the follicles to the hair erector muscles should not be too high. 

Phases of  FUE Hair Implant Surgery.

The donor area should be shaved to a length of 1 or 2mm. This is essential in order to proceed with the FUE extraction.

Patient lies face down on the stretcher and is administered a local anaesthetic on the donor area, remaining fully conscious throughout the procedure.


Units are extracted using a 0,8 mm ir 1 mm punch.

Grafts are selected, checked and approved to be later implanted. They are organised according to the number of follicles which make up each follicular unit and are then soaked in physiological saline until the moment of surgery.

The implant procedure is the same as the FUT technique, where perforations are made for the grafts,  taking into account several aspects to ensure that  results look natural, and that the highest possible hair density is obtained.