One of the Marigan Clinic´s special fields is the facelift. With gentle surgical methods the most amazing results can be achieved. In addition to their expertise, our specialists distinguish themselves by their wealth of experience and perfectionism.

As for all other surgical procedures, we put the utmost emphasis on a natural appearance with our facelifts, because only a natural radiance can make a person look convincingly youthful and more alive.

  • Full face and neck lift
  • Cervio-facial lift (neck and face)
  • Temporo-facial lift (temples, cheeks and face)
  • Frontal lift (forehead and eyebrows)

These different facelifts can be combined with each other or performed in addition to procedures such as liposuction, eyelid surgery or chin correction.

We attach special importance to our combination of surgical-cosmetic treatments. All our patients are offered a cosmetic pre-treatment prior to their surgical procedure and naturally they receive aftercare tailored to their individual needs.

In addition to the medical aftercare at the Marigan Clinic, we routinely provide a comprehensive cosmetic aftercare.  As both departments work hand in hand with each other, a quicker, more natural and longer-lasting result is achieved.