Crowns and bridges

To restore larger defects, our treatments include the following possibilities:

¾ crowns- partial crowns, onlays

Larger fillings (inlays) e.g. when several stress-bearing cusps are missing, should be replaced by partial crowns (¾ crowns, onlays).

Crowns and bridges

Crowns are suitable when the function and the aesthetics of a tooth can no longer be adequately guaranteed by just a filling. For cosmetic and reasons of oral hygiene, individual crowns are recommended. Gaps from missing teeth can be closed by the insertion of a bridge. However today a treatment with dental implants should be considered after detailed analysis and consultation.

For the visible areas we mostly use crowns and bridges veneered with porcelain that are scientifically tested and meet the highest standards regarding their longevity and aesthetics.

Since titanium processing has made significant progress, it is possible to have crowns, bridges or a combination of both, metal (titanium) or completely porcelain (metal free), even for those patients who are highly allergic.

Porcelain crowns have the advantage that they meet the highest aesthetic standards. Furthermore a high biocompatibility is guaranteed. Porcelain-metal crowns consist of porcelain combined with a foundation of a high gold content. According to the latest findings zirconium is a state-of the-art material because of its excellent durability and unrivalled aesthetic quality. Due to the fact that zirconium does not contain metal, it is appropriate for patients with allergies or those who have other metal-containing prosthesis.