Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery has made it its mission to improve the appearance of the face. This involves a series of routinely performed procedures. The most frequent of these operations is the so-called blepharoplasty, a procedure designed to tighten the eyelids and improve the area around the eye. Eyelid surgery helps improve a tired and exhausted appearance leading to a more alert and refreshed look. That is why men request this operation as much as women. This outpatient-based, almost painless surgery is especially beneficial for people whose profession requires a youthful appearance. On the same note, we would like to mention the tightening of facial skin and muscles.

Cosmetic surgery also treats congenital corrections such as prominent or malformed ears, noses or chins.

We consider cosmetic surgery a way to make a difference in how you look and feel about yourself.

Our treatments are very sensitive to the individual needs of our patients. We take the time with each patient to go over their personal wishes, their feelings about their body and their health prior to any cosmetic surgery. At the Marigan Clinic each treatment is carried out under the best and safest conditions with the guarantee of the highest comfort, utmost technical precision and exclusive personal aftercare.