Chin Correction

A chin correction is a minor surgical procedure whereby the tip of the chin is reformed individually (reduction, enlargement). A receding, or a too prominent chin, can have a negative impact on a person’s appearance. A chin correction can bring the facial proportions into harmony.

This surgical procedure does not interfere with the alignment of the teeth. For this reason, such an operation is only recommended for people whose jaws have finished growing.  Prior to the surgery, a detailed analysis of your occlusion and the position of the teeth will be carried out in order to clarify in advance whether the problem lies in the bone structure or the misalignment of the teeth.

A chin correction is carried out under local anaesthesia. Since the incision is made between the lip and the lower set of teeth, there are no unsightly scars. At the Marigan Clinic we make it our business not to use silicone prosthesis. Five to eight days after the operation a compression bandage is applied on the chin. On the tenth day the stitches are removed. The final result will be visible three to four months after surgery.

Dysgnathic Surgery

At the Marigan Clinic we apply the osteotomy technique for major corrections. In this case the chin bone is separated from the lower jaw to allow an optimal repositioning of the chin with an amazing aesthetic result. If desired, this procedure can be combined with the individual reshaping of the tip of the chin. (reduction, enlargement). Please check “Dysgnathic Surgery”.