Bone grafts, peri-implant surgery, sinus lift and nerve relocation

In many cases, e.g. regarding the insertion of dental implants or extensive oral surgeries, you can benefit from our wealth of experience in oral and maxillofacial surgery: our team is trained in all the necessary techniques for bone grafts, sinus lifts or nerve relocation.

We attach great importance to peri-implant surgery (modification of bones and/or mouth mucosa and post implantation). Periodontitis impacts seriously on implants. The restoration of this area prior to surgery is the best prevention for any post-operative risks. Our specially developed automated callback system ensures our patients lasting results from their treatment.

For bone grafts we usually take the body´s own bone tissue from the iliac crest which will be reinserted into the jaw area in order to close any gaps or defects. During this procedure nerves in the jaw may have to be relocated.  Other necessary adjustments and reinforcements of the maxillary sinus can be corrected at the same time (sinus lift, bone distractions, bone-splitting etc.)

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