BHT (Body Hair Transplantation)

In cases where patients  have extensive androgenetic alopecia, there may not be enough hair on the back or sides of the head to transplant, or to properly cover up the affected region. Hair would then be taken from other parts of the body, where it is very strong, abundant and of similar structure. and implanted into the scalp. This procedure is known as BHT (Body Hair Transplantation)

It is imperative that this method be carried out by highly qualified, experienced surgeons, as there are some constraints to extracting via FUE from the beard, thorax, abdomen or pubic area. 

Skin is softer and more flexible on other parts fo the body than on the scalp, requiring more precision on follicle extraction.

Grafts are extracted through FUE, with no incisions, and implanted into the scalp.

When body hair is transplanted to the scalp or other areas where hair grows differently, it eventually tends to take on the same characteristics of hair in the area to where it was transplanted.

For example, hair taken from the head (which grows long) trasplanted to the eyebrows tends to adopt the shorter anagenous phase of the surrounding hair on the brow, and would not need frequent trimming.

This treatment would most benefit those patients whose body hair has similar properties to the hair on the affected area on their scalp.