Beard and moustache transplant

Appearances have become increasingly important to people of all backgrounds.  Not only women, but also men nowadays, are very aware of how important their physical appearance is, especially to their own self-confidence.

Men perceive beards as a mark of status and a symbol of their masculinity. Beards can be restored and re-shaped through transplants. This procedure enables patients to improve their general appearance and also, if necessary, to cover up any scars they may have from accidents or previous surgery.

Transplants are made using the FUE procedure, and grafts are taken from the beard or back of head. Hair follicles are implanted at an angle which will give the end result a natural look.

Some people have difficulty growing a moustache, and some may not be able to grow one at all. This may be due to trauma, injuries, scarring, or simply genetics. This can be easily solved through a hair transplant.

Transplanted moustaches are no different from natural ones, since they may be shaved or allowed to grow as one wishes. This procedure is somewhat different due to the fact that this type of hair is highly sensitive. Surgery is carried out by an expert team.