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I N S P I R E D by nature’s wisdom we have combined the products from GaIa Natural Products in
 the tramuntana mountains with Flor de sal from the salt plains of Mallorca to create a uniquely natural spa experience. the synergy of the healing powers of the sea and the land have been brought together to offer you a new wellness experience enhanced by the flowing treatments realized in an environment where you can relax.

GaIa perfecting based on the Feng shui principals has been applied in the interior of the spa space with an emphasis on health and well being. the central therapy space as well as the consulting area is firmly anchored as the centre of the Feng shui quadrants. special attention has been given to create a restoring, healing and relaxing environment.


Combined fully exfoliation & herbal stamp massage. Take time to reflect, while we introduce you to the unexpected treasures of Mallorca - the piquant rose- mary and tangy quince - rich in tangy fruit acid and fibrous pulp is blended with almond oil into a cleansing and tonifying body scrub. To multiply the benefits of this treatment, a heated herbal stamp will be applied to the body and used to gently massage the skin of your back. The rosemary, contained in the stamp, stimulates the mind and the body, increasing circulation, reducing cellulites and ater retention.

.-75€ (1H)

P A L M A R O S A  F A C I A L

Facial polishing & herbal stamp face massage
In this facial treatment you will experience the rose in three different forms to return glow to your face and decolte. the treatment opens with rose petal powder and cocoa butter oil cleansing to prepare your skin for the most gentle polishing with warm herbal stamps filled with rose petals and dipped in nour- ishing GaIa goddess essential rose oil blend. While you immerse yourself in the delicate essence of rose, we will treat your shoulders and neck to relaxing massage. the final application of organic rose water will leave your skin toned and hydrated. rose is the ultimate oil for women, balancing their emotion, reducing anxiety & inspiring confidence. It has supreme skin regeneration properties.

.-65€ (50min)


Deep cleaning and exfoliating facial polishing followed by a pink clay, rose petal & oat mask which leaves your skin feeling tingly and fresh. Toned with rosewater, these deeply nourishing ingredients return valuable oils, remove dead skin cells and leave your skin with a rejuvenated glow.

.-65€ (45min)

S E A  S P I R I T

Flor de Sal salt exfoliation & detox body wrap
. Allow the salt from the salt plains of Mallorca to restore your body and spirits, this exfoliation treatment is the ideal at the beginning of your holidays ... the purest marine salt will leave your skin glowing and ready for the perfect mediterranean sun tan, while rosemarin releases the muscle tension. the sea weed wrap – rich in antioxidants, essential vitamins and minerals – will purify the body and restore wellbeing.

.-75€ (1H)

T H E  P O W E R  O F  T H E  O L I V E  T R E E

Nutrishing corporal olive tree treatment
. Bringing together all the the goodness of the olive tree. oil from the fruit, minerals and nourishing qualities of the pip and the nourishing goodness of the leaf are all combined in a virgin quality infused fragrant oil. this perfume free product is used to massage, nourish and deeply hydrate the body.

.-75€ (1H)

L A V E N D E R  I M M E R S I O N  D E E P

Full body relaxation massage
. Be guided by the light, floral scent of mallorquin lavender into blissful relaxation ... the perfect remedy for the modern day malady of stress, lavender essentail oil is also ideal for sensitive skin. For this relaxation treatment pure cocoa butter is melted and blended with the fragrant lavender, finest olive oil from the is- land and Flor de sal and gently massaged into the skin of the back and shoulders. as the lavender aroma calms your senses and the oil blend actuates over the skin, the treatment is complemented with relaxing head massage. the natural ingredient lavender & lemongrass have unique properties to leave your body revived and the pure cacao butter restores the balance of your skin by replenishing its natural oils.

.-75€ (1H)

A R O M A T H E R A P E U T I C  M A S S A G E

Balancing massage treatment tailored to you the clien. T
our therapist will create a massage treatment to suit your needs based on a consultation prior to the treatment which will be personalised by joining the profundity of deep tissue techniques, sports and pressure point techniques, and restorative effects of relaxation massage. For this treatment you can choose one of the three different essences characteristic for the island – fresh manadrine, the calming lavender to inspire relaxation or the healing rosemary for general toning and wellness the rose to restore a feeling of equilibrium.

.-75€ (1H)


Infuse your feet with lightness and new energy, in this treatment we will gently massage away tiredness from your feet and legs with our unique salt and mandarin exfoliation bar. the citrus essential oils uplift the spirit while the stimulation of foot acupressure points is a deeply restorative experience.

.-40€ (30min)


Traditional indian massage
. A holistic treatment that soothes the body and the mind. It balances the dochas: vata, pitta, kappa. this massage stimulates the skin, the muscles, the circulatory system, and the lymphatic system. It also soothes the nervous system. It increases energy, vitality, strength, flexibility, and the physical strength of the body.

.-80€ (1H)


The “miracle” of this treatment is that it treats many meridians: the meridians of the stomach, the gallbladder, the liver, the kidneys, the small intestine and the bladder. It’s excellent for peo- ple who suffer from chronic fatigue and for people who are stressed. It helps you feel grounded.


Indian head massage this treatment reduces migraines and insomnia. It helps with optical problems and strengthens memory. It can also prevent hair loss.

.-80€ (1H)